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Hi! Welcome to EMBELLISHED WITH GRACE. Thanks for joining me to celebrate vibrant living through Christ and creativity.


Holy Hugs, Quiet Whispers, Grace – these are blessings, the embellishments of a life of faith, which Christ has available for every single one of us every single day. They are precious gifts, given free, nourishing and life giving. Don’t put them in a drawer with the Christmas socks you will never wear. Accept them, unwrap and cherish them.


I believe that Jesus loves to infuse our days with meaning; it gives Him great pleasure. He longs to reveal His presence and His truth to us in all circumstances, from the most mundane to the most joyous to the most heartbreaking. Expect to meet Jesus today, listen to hear Jesus today, watch to see Jesus today, pay attention to Him today, and dig into His Word today. I pray that this website and blog will encourage us all to seek the fresh presence of Christ.


What does the title of this blog mean?


Embellished is a verb which means to make something more beautiful, valuable, unique, enriched. Christ does this for us! Of all His miraculous creations, we are the only creation He calls His masterpiece!

[Ephesians 2:10]


Grace is a noun. It is the amazing love and favor lavished on us by God. We cannot earn nor will we ever deserve His Grace. God has lovingly poured His glorious grace over us!

[Ephesians 1:60]


Please come with me now as we go on an adventure in living faithfully! Although our conversations are in ink, we can still inspire and encourage each other to live vibrantly and purposefully through Christ and creativity.


Hugs and blessings

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