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Debra Hibble McInvale, that’s me. This is my first forage into the world of “public” words on paper: conversations in ink. It is the first time I have found the courage to put myself “out there”, share my thoughts and beliefs for public consumption. It is a little scary!


I am an artist by profession, specializing in porcelain, painting, fiber and beads. In other words, I like to sculpt, paint, sew, quilt, knit, weave, felt, bead, make jewelry, among a host of other creative endeavors. McInvale Studios is my happy place overflowing with colorful art fodder.  Here students enjoy sharing their imaginations, getting their hands dirty and creating their own masterpieces.


I am a Bible study teacher and writer as well. One day you will see Bible studies on this site! Just wait! In the meantime, join us for Bible studies in the studio.


Please come visit the studio! Let’s talk, share, and create together! 


Hugs and blessings,

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